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Workplace Resolutions for 2019

Jan 1, 2019

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Every year, we make new goals in hopes that we will follow through all the way until December. Some goals we manage to integrate into our lives, while others we give our best shot but they don’t seem to pan out. Most goals that we make are for our personal lives, but what about committing to improving our work life as well? Making new years resolutions to improve your day-to-day life at your office should also be a priority on your list, and here are some suggestions for January 2019.

This can be taken in a number of different ways. Maybe you have been storing wrappers in your top drawer or your desk has a layer of dust that needs a quick clean. It could also mean decluttering digitally. Take time to sort your emails and create folders to better organize inbox. Go through your contacts and delete numbers and names that you haven’t used in years. There are a bunch of little things that could be cleaned and organized that you might have been putting off, but you will feel so much better if you start the new year off fresh. Maybe consider getting a plant, a candle, or some family pictures to make your office feel homier.

Healthier Lifestyle
It’s no secret that most people put on their new year’s resolution to lose weight, get in shape, or eat healthier. While the intention is certainly there, it can be really hard to stay on a diet or maintain a steady workout plan. The easiest thing to do is make small changes in your everyday life. Since you spend so much time at the office, you can make changes that are sure to have a positive impact on your personal life. When looking for snacks, choose fruits and vegetables over chips and sugary drinks. If its available to you, try taking the stairs instead of the elevator in the morning. Learn some stretches that you can do at your desk and make a point to do them every day. On your lunch break try taking a light 10-minute walk around the building. There are many ways that you can improve your health at the office, even if you have to become a little creative with it.

Work Place Friendships
This goal can be a little trickier to implement, but it will have great results. Whether you are a little kinder to a coworker or make a point to go to more networking events, there are plenty of ways that you can create stronger relationships with your coworkers and start new relationships with others in your field. Remembering to write a thank you note occasionally or reaching out on Linkedin to a new acquaintance, expanding your professional network is a great goal to have this upcoming year.

There are many great personal and professional goals that you can set for yourself this year. Sticking to them can be difficult, but managing your time efficiently and streamlining your workday will help you accomplish everything that you are hoping for in 2019. You can make this your best year at your job yet with the right attitude and determination.

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