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Unload your marketing projects on us.

Being caught up in marketing tasks can be overwhelming! That’s why we invented Marketing Managed. It’s a service where you get a project manager over all things marketing and you just show up to 1 weekly meeting to get reports. Simple.

Use your new marketing manager to help you with:

Project Management

All tasks, projects, campaigns and day to day updates and details are now off your plate completely and on your new manager.

Vendor Management

Finding, vetting, proposal gathering, selection and all vendor communication now goes through your new manager.

Reporting Management

All metrics, reports, and data your CMO needs to make the best decision. It’s all on your manager now.

We make it uber easy for you to engage with your new marketing manager:

No Contract

No long term contract means you’re never stuck and you’re only committed to what you’ve already paid for.

Remote Service

Our managers work for you out of our office, on our infrastructure and can communicate with you on your terms.

Hourly Billing

Simple hourly billing allows you to customize your manager to your specific needs.

Don’t have a manager? It’s fixable by tomorrow morning.