“I was very impressed, it was worth every penny! This event gave me the rare opportunity to work ON my business instead of IN my business. I was able to develop a full marketing plan so I am not just shooting from the hip. I learned that there is logic behind every aspect of marketing, including budget. I love my new understanding of marketing as a science, and not just a guessing game.” – Paul Hatch, Corporate Alliance

“I truly enjoyed the event and will refer others. I am excited to meet again!”
-Koby Taylor, Fusion Specialty Pharmacy

“This wasn’t a 1-2-3 step process on what you need to succeed…it was much more than that. It gave me the tools and ideas to create my own 1-2-3 process that is adapted to my particular situation. In speaking to several other people after the event, everyone left there with different ideas, different ways to implement their ideas, and enjoyed their chance to collaborate with businesses facing similar challenges. What a great event!”
-Brandon Vandermyde, NAI Utah South

“I am excited to apply the principles and software to make our business better!” -Matt Jenkins, SKYTA

“A very enlightening event. They have created some great tools to help create a very scientific marketing plan with solid budgets and ROI calculator.”
-Melinda Yeaman, XOJO

“Attending this event helped me focus and optimize my marketing efforts. And the best thing I learned is how to justify the cost of each dollar I spend…before I spend it! I’m more confident today because I know exactly what my return is on every dollar I spend on marketing. The result of attending this event and using the software solution is that marketing is a business decision – with an accountable ROI – rather than some amorphous dark magic trick. I highly recommend this event to any business leader who cares about growth, efficiency, and winning!”
-Joe Tinnerello, SQream Technologies

“I thought the event helped clear up some haze behind the products I should be pushing in my business. The money I spent for the even was small compared to how much I’ll save by applying the advice given by these marketing professionals.”
-Mike Davis, Noble Insurance Group