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Thought Leader Testimonials

Randy Garn

“What G has done has never been done before. He truly is a marketing scientist… one of the most wicked-smart marketing guys I’ve ever met in my life. I completely endorse him.”

Randy Garn NY Times Best-Selling Author & Investor

Rudy Vidal

“G is the first guy I have ever met who pushes back on the premise that marketing is fluffy… and you just have to deal with it. When you meet a guy that wants to do seemingly the impossible, you hang on. Savavo could change the way people do marketing… well, it could change marketing.”

Rudy Vidal Former CMO at Panasonic Worldwide and Huffington Post Contributor

Wendy Lipton Dibner

“Whether you’re running solo or leading top-notch marketing and sales departments, your business will never fully capitalize on today’s economy until your customer acquisition is powered by Savavo. G Leavitt has created a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive, scientific solution to business growth acceleration with his customizable, ingenious A.I. technology and optional execution group. I’m advising all my healthcare, corporate, non-profit and entrepreneurial clients to maximize their impact with Savavo.”

Wendy Lipton-Dibner 6x Author & Impact Strategist and Speaker

Roger Andrus

“G’s knowledge, scientific marketing strategy approach, and execution system deliver huge value. TechX Accelerator participants gave Savavo a perfect “10” in anonymous feedback surveys. His tools are cutting edge and of much value to our participants.”

Roger Andrus Angel Investor and Founder of TechX Sales & Marketing Accelerator

Mark S.A. Smith

“There is no one who better understands the science of marketing than G Leavitt of Savavo. After decades of customer acquisition for disruptive technologies, I can tell you that knowing how to combine sales and marketing into a cohesive, measurable, scalable system requires massive insight and well honed systems. That’s what G delivers. If you want more customers, drop what you’re doing and engage with G because you will become a star in your company with the massive increase in sales that the two of you will realize.”

Mark S.A. Smith Author of Guerilla Series Books & Fortune 500 Sales and Marketing Trainer

Jeff Hayzlett

Re: G Leavitt’s Book “The 40-Minute Marketing Fix”: “First, buy and read this book. Second, put into action your 40-minute marketing fix, and third, reap the rewards! Finally, a real ‘how-to’ marketing book and system!”

Jeffrey Hayzlett Former CMO at Kodak and 2x Best-Selling Author

Client Testimonials

Karl Thurman

“I created a unique strategy designed around a specific opportunity and when we launched we received referrals day one – a process that used to take us six months. Within the first three weeks we increased referrals into our organization by 200% and within the first 6 months, we got 400 new perfect customers that are most profitable to us.

Karl Thurman, Principal at Key City Insurance

Jim Bennett

“My marketing team is 50-80% more effective now that we have added this science and it has only been 90 days. We now have a great plan and will make strategic tweaks based on metrics. Within 30 days, my marketing department became SCIENTIFIC.”

Jim Bennett, President of Now CFO

Ben Harris

“Prior to engaging with Savavo, we hired a lead generation company to run our campaigns, though we were never sure if it was producing qualified leads. After we changed our campaigns as per Savavo’s instructions, our cost to acquire a lead (generate each phone call) we were experiencing immediately dropped by over 70% without modifying our budget!

Ben Harris, Executive Director at Therapia

Mike Petroff

“Savavo is so unique and so special because of the inclusive and sequential approach it allows. It forces “first things first” and enables you to develop a strategy that tightly aligns with a cohesive execution plan. It literally makes novice marketers great and great marketers brilliant and duplicatable. I am absolutely in love with the product.”

Mike Petroff, Former COO at

Matthew Driggs

“I hate to say it, but I was the hardest sale known to man, thinking this was not going to be for me. This has been wonderful. I have come away with a lot of actionable items. I really appreciate you guys.”

Matthew Driggs, Serial Entrepreneur/Marketing Agency Owner

Dome Technology

“I love Savavo because it quickly put together a brilliant marketing plan that I could execute against. The tool forced me to focus and critically think about our business. The step by step tool greatly aided in understanding the opportunities in our industry. Better yet, it helped me to better understand how to talk to our customers. My strategy coach is awesome to work with and has really helped me through the process and has given us the tools to succeed.”

Jason Miller, Dome Technology

Justin Gordon

“It’s unbelievable to me what I’ve come away with… from I’ve always wanted to be able to nail down and have a blueprint for our cost of acquisition and lifetime value. Being able to layout a complete marketing plan from beginning to end and then implement the right people to help drive those key areas in the middle is going to be tremendous. I’m going to have a huge impact on a business that can make a huge impact on small business.”

Justin Gordon, SVP Sales & Marketing at Tab Bank

Fusion Logo

“The program has really clicked for me and makes a lot of sense. Savavo is one of the most innovative marketing companies on the market today. Certainly the best I have ever worked with. As a business owner, I have realized that I do not spend enough time marketing. I have spent thousands of dollars on what I would call a “shotgun” approach to marketing, just spending money and hoping something sticks…I don’t have to do that any longer. Savavo manages my marketing and helps keep me on point, targeted, and successful.”

Koby Taylor, Fusion Specialty Pharmacy

Corporate Alliance

“I was very impressed, it was worth every penny! Savavo gave me the rare opportunity to work ON my business instead of IN my business. I was able to develop a full marketing plan so I am not just shooting from the hip. I learned that there is logic behind every aspect of marketing, including budget. I love my new understanding of marketing as a science, and not just a guessing game.”

Paul Hatch, Corporate Alliance

Tallin Johnson

“G Leavitt from Savavo came and put on a 2 day training session on marketing strategy that I had the opportunity to attend. It blew me away. I had learned a lot of the concepts in my MBA marketing classes and also while studying marketing on my own but he was able to turn it from “Theory” to “implementation” during the two days. His entire program put marketing strategy in a very sequential and implementable way that turned a seemingly very difficult task into something fairly simple to do. His program will give you an entire CMO marketing plan in two days.”

Tallin Johnson, Marketing Manager at In What Language

Joe Tinerello

“The best thing I learned is how to justify the cost of each dollar I spend…before I spend it! I’m more confident today because I know exactly what my return is on every dollar I spend on marketing. The result is that marketing is a business decision – with an accountable ROI – rather than some amorphous dark magic trick. I highly recommend this event to any business leader who cares about growth, efficiency, and winning!”

Joe Tinnerello, Sqream Technologies

Russ Brown

“Savavo has helped me create a more well-rounded marketing plan. Gaydon and his team are some of the best marketers I have run across!”

Russ Brown, Patriot Home Mortgage

Josh Stika

“I think I actually know quite a lot. I just know a lot less than I thought I knew. It was really powerful to go deep on these challenges that we face. This was better than I would have anticipated. I don’t know of anyone else out there that is doing this.”

Josh Stika, Integrity First Lending

Mvestor Media

“I went through… Savavo and got a lot of great information out of it. They have a very interactive and detailed software that allows you to plan and systematize your marketing. They help you plan everything from segmentation to messaging to budgeting. If only I had known about something like this sooner!”

Ian Rogers, Mvestor Media

Jared McDonald

“This has been really awesome. It gives me the tools to know how to, strategically, make the business profitable. From all of the world’s top people that I read about, this brought it all together.”

Jared McDonald, The Neuro Clinic

Dr. Haacke

“Understanding marketing is the hardest thing for most small business owners. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience, my time with the Savavo staff. It has been informative, and they have set up a system to help every small business succeed in the most difficult part of their business, the marketing. I highly recommend them to all who want to grow and succeed in their business venture.”

Dr. Haacke, DO

“To be honest with you I was a bit skeptical to attend the seminar I attended. After the first day I was so excited that couldn’t get much sleep because I couldn’t stop thinking about the valuable things that I had learned from it. I now have this great sense of urgency to get my marketing plan into progress using the tools that were provided me. Gaydon and his staff have been very informative and helpful. They have great dedication to their clients and you can see that they want nobody to be left behind shooting from their hip when it comes to their marketing plan. I would highly recommend Savavo to anyone looking for a great experience and product!”

TJ Burgess, Rainbow Signs

Nic Lauritzen

“If you’ve met one marketer/web designer you’ve met the majority. They’re quick to take care of you, do everything you want, get their money and disappear into the sunset onto the next client. The Savavo team is the first company I’ve met that has a different specialist for each marketing gold mine! Their main goal is to help you learn and grow forever. The knowledge/service I’ve received from them has been extremely valuable. Thank you Savavo for helping my business Grow!”

Nic Lauritzen, EZ Shop Insurance

Jeff Gibbs

“One of the toughest things to do when running a business is creating a marketing plan that perfectly aligns with your market segment and corporate strategy. Savavo brings marketing processes and tools together that bring businesses into the new millennium. The support and guidance that Savavo brings before, during, and after the fact are unparalleled in the industry.”

Jeff Gibbs, Beryl Valley Outdoors

TV specialists inc

“I have been using Savavo for about five months and it’s worth every penny…the best way to go about retaining/acquiring new customers, and more — is absolutely worth it. No one knows your customers better than you do, and Savavo assists in identifying the critical information you need to improve your marketing. Additionally, the coaching calls are extremely helpful in making sure you understand the concepts and the real “meat” of the data you want to uncover. If you have time you can commit to improving your marketing skills – let Savavo help you. You won’t regret it.”

Bubba (Christopher) Bollinger, TV Specialists

“My experience with Savavo has been great. They have extensive knowledge and experience in marketing and growing businesses and I think their ideas will be very helpful for our business. Their computer programs actually help you figure out how and where to spend your marketing dollars.”

Theresa Olsen, Red Cliffs Dental

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