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Gaydon Leavitt

Gaydon Leavitt

Gaydon Leavitt (G as we call him), a marketing scientist for the last 10 years, has helped over 500 small businesses with their marketing strategy and execution in nearly 200 industries. Among a few areas of specialized expertise, differentiation, performance based advertising, and marketing management are areas he excels in helping customers. As Founder and President of Innovation Simple Inc., Gaydon is fully devoted to helping organizations build marketing infrastructure and ROI from their marketing department, which he believes should be the primary concern for each small business executive and is the primary purpose of his career. The models, software and strategies that Gaydon has developed are unprecedented for small business and they create alignment between an organization’s plan, their brand, their lead generation and their measurements for success. As the creator of intellectual property such as: “The Marketing Equation” and “Setrics” as well as “Savavo”, Gaydon combines the most technologically focused and data driven marketing approach with his knowledge and experience with timeless marketing strategies that have worked for hundreds of years.



“There is only one valid definition of business purpose: to create a customer”

Peter Drucker