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Common Leadership Mistakes

Sep 15, 2018

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Leader and boss are not synonymous with each other. When in a management position, you want to inspire employees to be willing to follow you, not force them to do your bidding. Leadership positions come with a unique set of challenges that will allow managers to grow and change with time. While people put in positions are usually the best for the job, there are things that even the most seasoned leaders need to watch out for.


It can be incredibly frustrating when you have asked for work to be completed and it still hasn’t gotten done, so you resort to controlling what your employees are doing and when they are doing it. But taking a step back and allowing people to complete things on their own might make them realize that they want to succeed on their own. When a manager confuses control with leadership, it can backfire and make their staff resent them. When leaders are willing to listen to others suggestions it can create an office where creative ideas are shared and people enjoy coming into work every day. When a leader understands that they do not have to constantly worry about their employees, then they can have more free time to work on their own projects.

Taking Blame

A manager is in charge of the outcome of their team, even the negative ones. Shifting the blame to others when things go wrong makes it seem like you are not part of the team and that you can’t handle responsibility. Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone learns from them. Taking charge of situations can show that you take your position seriously and that you value your employees. Blaming others will cause your employees to feel that they are working against you, not with you. Managers who are included in their team’s successes and failures will create a more cohesive work environment.

Personal Life

You have worked hard to get into a managerial position. Long hours at the office, weekends, and competing with your coworkers have ingrained in you the idea that in order to succeed you have to do anything you can to get ahead. But neglecting your family, friends and personal hobbies for your job is never worth it. Workplace stress is the number one cause of stress for Americans, and having more responsibility can seem overwhelming, but learning to balance work and home life will make you a better leader which will reflect positively in your work.

Becoming a leader can take time. You will experience success and failure, and sometimes it can be overwhelming. It is important to remember that you don’t have to have all the answers right away. Being mindful of these common mistakes can help managers navigate the tricky terrain of being in a leadership position.

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