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Top 8 reasons for choosing SAVAVO

Why Should You Choose Savavo?


#1: The Marketing Equation™.

Vastly superior in concept and execution, yet simple in practice, the marketing equation is the latest innovation in marketing for small businesses. This innovative approach, designed to simplify the strategy process and to ensure you don’t do double the work, is the most complete and cohesive formula for achieving marketing results. Implementing this 5-factor formula efficiently leverages human capital, leaving businesses with more time, more money and documented results.  

#2: SAVAVO Measure™

Omni-channel marketing analytics makes everything measurable and everything a science. We measure and hold ourselves, or others involved in the marketing execution of our client’s businesses ACCOUNTABLE.  

#3: ResponsiveSupport™

48 Hour Guaranteed Response Time – You will hear from our team with a solution within 48 hours guaranteed. Response times are usually faster than that. We have full time project managers that reach out to you as soon as possible. We answer phone calls all day! – You will rarely get a voicemail and when you do, you will get a call back and get the attention that you expect. We answer emails – We monitor our support email and tickets all day. You will get a response from our support team within 48 hours guaranteed.  

#4: GROW Guarantee™

The science of our system allows you to GROW. If you don’t grow your business within the first year of working with us, our service is free until you do. We approach, execute, and measure all marketing activities from a scientific perspective. We will work overtime to help you achieve your goals.  

#5: KNOW Guarantee™

The science of our system allows you to KNOW. You will KNOW when it comes to your marketing. If you don’t know more about your marketing, where you are going, what’s working, and what your path to marketing success is within the first year, our service is free until you do.  

#6: Marketing Strategy & Plans

We know who you are – We have a reputation of listening intently and truly grasping the needs of our customers. We don’t pass you around to others in the company who may or may not understand your business. Your account manager understands you, guaranteed. We lay out the plan – Our powerful methodology, software, and staff specialize in creating powerful brands that are built on strategic plans that are setup to dominate markets.  


Marketing MANAGED.™ – Someone has to manage the implementation of your plan whether that’s you, someone in your organization, or one of our well-trained, outsourced marketing managers. We provide the software tools that help you and your team get organized and manage your marketing more efficiently. We also provide the backup support when you need an extra hand. No matter if the project is small or big, our managers get things done.  

#8: Impeccable Integrity – We Do It Right

A handful of direct client quotes:

  • “I have seen my business substantially grow”
  • “My business has increased so much”
  • “Extraordinarily skilled in the industry”
  • “They are creative. They are innovative”
  • “Took my ideas and made them a reality”
  • “Projects are done in a timely fashion”
  • “Speed of lightning turn around time”
  • “Customer service was outstanding”
  • “Staff are so accessible and friendly”
  • “Service at a fraction of the price”
  • “Entire process has been very enjoyable”
  • “Their patience is amazing”
  • “Enhanced my own vision”
  • “They think outside the box”
  • “Great problem solving skills”
  • “Helped me through the process”
  • “Savavo never let me down”
  • “Worth every penny”
  • “Extremely professional”
  • “You will not find a better team”
  • “Listened intently”
  • “Easy to work with”
  • “Great follow-up”
  • “Highly recommended”