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Top Three Locations When Expanding Internationally

Apr 15, 2018

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Posted In : Business

Taking your business international is usually a looming question for successful domestic businesses. It is a gamble to get into the international market because of the revenue it could lose you and the revenue it could gain for you. When deciding if you should go international, it is smart to look at where you would want to expand to specifically, and then look to see how your particular business would do in that area. When selecting a country, you want to keep a few things in mind. For example, what the market is like there, the competition, the ease of doing business, the laws and regulations of the country, the revenue potential, possible pitfalls, etc. All of these play a role in your ultimate decision of where to invest your business. Here are the top places right now for international investment.


New Zealand

For setting up a business in a foreign country, New Zealand might just be one of the easiest. The paperwork required for a business permit and office permits are very easy and take little time to complete and be approved. The tax laws are also in your favor in New Zealand. According to Entrepreneur, “The workforce is skilled and educated, and labor costs are low. In terms of taxes, there are no payroll, social security or capital gains taxes. It is considered one of the easiest countries to do business.” The odds are in your favor here, and not having to worry about being approved or double taxed are a major incentive to expand globally here. Aside from the business benefits, New Zealand is also a gorgeous country that would provide for a nice escape from your daily business activities.


The Netherlands

The Netherlands is on every list of top destinations to expand your business globally, and it is for many good reasons. The Netherlands, specifically Amsterdam, is a melting pot of European countries. Because of this, they love and welcome international business. Nine out of ten people speak English, which makes it a lot easier to conduct business there. The country has programs in place that encourage foreign investment, that you can take advantage of. Their goal is to make the process easier and more appealing and to increase international business. The Netherlands is also known for their advanced transportation system. It is the main reason for the high amount of tourism there. People from all over Europe usually go through Amsterdam when traveling because it is a central spot. This provides a lot of business for the companies located there.


Malaysia is also known as a hotspot for international investment because of the simplicity of the process to start a business or branch there. A new system was created in 2014 that makes it so you can gain a business license in less than 20 days, and better yet, it can all be done online! The directness of this process makes Malaysia a hard candidate to pass up on when choosing your international location. Over 50,000 businesses have already taken up this offer and are currently thriving there. Malaysia has such a high appeal because of its culture. It is a mix between modern trends and older Asian ways. It is slowly moving toward more modern approaches to things, which leaves room for major opportunity for foreign investors.

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