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marketing equation

Scientific marketing runs on strategy.

  • Customer Profiling
  • Targeting & Segmentation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Industry Analysis
  • Revenue Model for CLV
  • Market Positioning
  • Product Development
  • Clear Differentiation

Identity creates connection with your audiences.

  • Company Naming & Slogan
  • Product Naming & Branding
  • Logo, Icons and Styling
  • Brand Platform
  • USP Articulation
  • Complete Messaging
  • Offers & Domains
  • Content & Voice

On-point media turns viewers into believers.

  • Social Media
  • Compelling Video
  • Websites
  • New Age Ad Assets
  • Outdoor Media
  • Print Media
  • Traditional Ad Assets
  • Infographics & Ebooks

Consistent & predictable leads are your lifeblood.

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing
  • Online Ad Buying
  • Outbound and Direct
  • Live Marketing
  • Traditional Media Buys
  • Lead Buying

Systems & staff for measurement & management.

  • Marketing Management
  • KPIs & Dashboarding
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Custom Software
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Marketing Automation
  • PM / ERP Software
  • Sales Software / CRM

A Better System – That Yields Better Results.

Vastly superior in concept and execution, yet simple in practice, the marketing equation is the latest innovation in marketing for small business. This innovative approach, focused on performance, is the most complete and cohesive formula for achieving marketing results. Implementing this 5-factor formula efficiently leverages human capital, leaving businesses with more time, more money and documented results. For added assurance, real-time dashboards (available to the client), report effectiveness of marketing endeavors online and offline.
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never spend the same dollar twice

Never Spend The Same Dollar Twice

It’s our motto but more than our motto, it’s our why and it’s where we end up. The Marketing Equation prevents businesses from ever wasting a dollar on marketing. Stop Wasting Money
On-target always

On-Target Always

Simply put, the Equation keeps you on target always with a guide post continually in front of you. It has been used on hundreds of companies to successfully get them where they need to go, primarily because of it’s scientific yet cohesive nature.