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FRAN Gauge

Automate The Franchise Development Process

The Franchise Development Process,

we believe to be the most important franchise success activity.

FRAN Gauge was built by modern franchising professionals for the modern franchisor to help automate this most important of all processes.

If you need more units, or just a better system for create results with franchise development, then going through a demo will help you conceptualize how this will help you.

We believe in you. You can do this… you just need some more support.


Automate your Franchise Development Process

Proven Process

FRAN Gauge is special not just because it largely automates the franchise development process but it is primarily special because Fran Gauge™ used best practices and proven processes around franchise development. These best practices, given as part of Fran Gauge™, have been proven in every franchise industry. Win big by starting your journey with automation by getting a demo of Fran Gauge™ today from a client success team member.

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Sell Effortlessly

FRAN Gauge is especially helpful to franchisors mostly because the revolutionary software takes a manual process, that otherwise falls on the franchisor or the franchise development team members and puts it on autopilot. Fran Gauge™ saves franchisors and their team potentially DOZENS of hours of manual work each WEEK. The value of such a tool is hard to measure because of its immense impact.

Operate With Confidence

FRAN Gauge creates confident franchise development teams by knowing exactly which leads are most variable to sell to – because they can see the activity of each of franchise prospect. Imagine if your team only worked with qualified prospects that have take the required steps to learn about your company before you ever talk to them. The amount of time saved, creates room for franchisors to use their team better and more wisely.

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How are your franchise development efforts going?