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Case Study | Auerbach Inc.

Case Study:

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Executive Summary:

Auerbach International, a pioneer in the translation services industry, has experienced increased competition in the past few years resulting in decreased sales. After hiring three marketing consultants and two separate lead generation firms with very little results they turned to Savavo for help.

The Challenge:

With business down and resources scarce, Auerbach International had little margin of error and needed to ensure their marketing initiatives where highly targeted and fruitful. Patterns identifying ideal target client types were difficult to determine based on previous business data. Many traditionally effective lead generation solutions were not proving effective anymore

The Solution:

Technical models were employed to identify and prioritize target clients. Then a series of innovative lead generation solutions was developed and selectively rolled out based on client budget. Ad copy was updated from a general branding play to direct response.

The Results:

Auerbach International Inc. has narrowed their marketing efforts to a select ideal target audience maximizing their marketing budget. Clarity has been gained on how to acquire clients in an increased competitive industry through a detailed marketing plan road map. Direct response ad copy is resulting in increased customer engagement.

“SAVAVO’s methods are very sophisticated and cause owners to think about their business in analytical, orderly, and creative ways. Their impact is tremendous.”-Phil Auerbach, President