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A better way to manage your marketing projects and tasks

Robust Reports

Experience Seamless Marketing

Now, your projects and campaigns automatically fall out of your strategy and plan. Our A.I. makes it effortless to get the projects you need done, moving faster and aligned to your goals!

Learn how we make marketing executives better with management

With our platform,marketing
projects &
tasks are
a breeze

You have a marketing plan…
now what?

We have engineered a tool that automatically pulls tasks from your marketing plan into an easy-to-use dashboard. You now have a way to easily track budgeting, vendors, deadlines, etc.

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Enhance or Replace.

If you already have a Marketing Manager, this tool will make his or her efforts much more efficient and optimized. If you don’t, then this may even mitigate the need for one.

Don’t have a manager? It’s fixable by tomorrow morning.