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responsive support

24 Hour Guaranteed Responsive Support™

  • Responsive Support™ is the term we use for getting back to our customers as fast as possible. In our business, we take pride in spending time with our clients so that we make sure we do things right the first time. If there are times when our customers call or email us and they aren’t at the front of the line, it is only because we are providing thorough support for another client.
  • This means we guarantee that you won’t wait more than 24 hours for a response from our team (please be aware that this does not include the weekends).
  • It is our way of saying, we aren’t like the other guys – we respond and we do care. It is our way of saying we will put ourselves in YOUR shoes as the customer and we will let you know the status of your project or request as much as we can.

Please be aware that this does not mean that we will have all support related items resolved in 24 hours…some requests may take much more than that. However, we guarantee that we will respond to you and we will be aware of your ticket and let you know where you stand in our queue as well as try and estimate a timeline for getting your request completed.

Ticketing System

For timely support, the best way to proceed is to fill out a support ticket. You may do this by emailing us: support(at) If it is an emergency, please indicate such on the ticket. IF you prefer to explain things on the phone, then please call our support line at 877-799-3641.