Setrics Tracker Bylaws of Success: Expectations | Savavo


We want successful engagements and we believe we know what it takes


Managing expectations is something that Savavo believes in deeply. That is why we have developed a list of some of the basic expectations for both the client and SAVAVO that you will want to be aware of when working with our firm to grow your business. Communication between Savavo and the Client is essential to a successful relationship.

From the Client

    1. Values The Marketing Equation™

The client values The Marketing Equationknowing that proven systems and processes result in predictable, successful results. The more a client adheres the equation the better Savavo can predict your success.

    1. Salivates Over SAVAVO Measure™

Prior to the engagement, the client should believe that measuring results will allow them to more effectively manage their marketing. The client will feel that having SAVAVO Measure will be critical to tracking the results of all marketing initiatives. They will be committed to utilizing SAVAVO Measure and be willing to work with SAVAVO in doing so effectively and efficiently.

    1. Understands the Value of the Vetted Vendor Network

The client will actively engage with vendors in our VVN to execute on their marketing plans, understanding the value of working with the experts.

    1. Respects Our Advice

Seeks out and acts on our advice, understanding that working together with the SAVAVO team will yield the desired results.

    1. Makes Payments On-Time

The client will make all payments on time, without fuss and without nagging and hurdles for our staff.

    1. Responsibility

The client understands that in order to move forward and experience the desired results, they are responsible for completing assigned tasks as given by the SAVAVO team.

    1. Good Referral Source

Refers friends in non-competing industries because of the engagement and understanding of the superiority of our models and methods.


    1. Clear Agreements

SAVAVO will provide clear agreements that include the scope of work, costs, and any legal terms that may apply. SAVAVO will be transparent in providing such agreements.

    1. Relationship Management

SAVAVO will ensure that each client has an account manager to help guide and make sure you know what is going on at all times.

    1. Quality Quality Quality

If we are not the expert, we don’t do the work. We bring in the experts from our Vetted Vendor Network to execute and ensure the highest quality possible.

    1. Innovative Technological Solutions

SAVAVO will strive to provide innovative technological solutions. We will continually work to improve our products and provide the best value possible.

    1. Marketing Education

SAVAVO will provide each client with knowledge of marketing principles that will provide long-term value in establishing a profitable business model.

    1. Meet Deadlines

SAVAVO will work to meet all deadlines and provide high quality work. SAVAVO will make accommodations when possible to ensure client success.

    1. Fair Pricing

SAVAVO will provide solutions at a fair price.

    1. Dedication

If it isn’t working, we will help you fix it. SAVAVO will strive to help each client grow their business, and will remain dedicated in their efforts.