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Savavo BOX

Your Turn-Key Marketing Department In A Box

What is Savavo BOX?

Savavo BOX is an All-In program that takes marketing off of your plate. Instead of getting a new marketing person to run your marketing department, get a CMO, a marketing manager, a marketing plan and the tools your new team needs to make your marketing successful for less than what it would cost to hire 1 employee who wouldn’t have the expertise of any of these people.

 Why All-In?

  1. Who could you hire for just $3,000 per month? Would they be any good? With Savavo BOX you get a professional strategies and strategy, a certified marketing manager, and you get them both ongoing with the tool set they need to success in your space.
  2. Get a full-blown marketing department without having to hire anyone. No insurance, no increase in payroll, no additional office space, no additional computers, no nothing!
  3. What do you have to do? Not much. Help us write the plan, so it aligns with your knowledge about your industry and your business. After that, attend just one simple meeting per week with the CEO (you).

Packages: Savavo® BOX™

Savavo® BOX™ is your turn-key marketing department – in a box engineered for SMBs.

Marketing Managed™Depends On Hours10 Hours /mo 20 Hours /mo 30 Hours/mo 40 Hours/mo
A-La-Carte BOX 1 BOX 2 BOX 3 BOX 4
Certified Plan™ $3,600 one-time
Savavo® Certified CMO $200/hr 7 Hours / month* 7 Hours / month* 7 Hours / month* 7 Hours / month*
Savavo® PLAN $2,400/yr
Savavo® MANAGE $2,400/yr
Savavo® EXECUTE w/ Vendor Concierge™ $2,400/yr
Savavo® MEASURE w/ Call & Conversion Tracking $4,200/yr**
Savavo A.I.® (full suite) $4,000/yr
End-to-End Savavo® Software Support Depends On Hours
Users Depends On Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
One-Time Investment $3,000 one-time $4,000 one-time $5,000 one-time $6,000 one-time
Monthly Investment $3,000/m $4,000/m $5,000/m $6,000/m
A-La-Carte BOX 1 BOX 2 BOX 3 BOX 4
*CMO service include 1 monthly meeting per month where the CMO reports to the CEO in addition to the hours listed
**Proposed Setrics package comes w/ up to 5 websites tracked and up to 10 call tracking numbers. The 10 number package includes up to 2,000 minutes. Additional website, numbers, and minutes are upgrades
***Yearly license on all software packages. Add-ons and a-la-carte options available to “bolt onto” any package