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Meet Your New
Artificially Intelligent…


In 2010,

We discovered something important… the reasons marketing departments weren’t more successful and more profitable were 5 things that we discovered in our research. Yet, these issues weren’t being addressed. Enter Savavo. Savavo built 5 tools to combat these 5 problems all businesses seem to have on some level. However, those 5 problems and subsequent solutions are robust tools that require a certain level of marketing and sales competency to run and a certain level of acumen to leverage effectively. In short, there are spots in the process, where you really need an expert looking over your shoulder or even better yet, shouldering the work.

Enter AVA…

The world’s first marketing strategy robot who uses data science algorithms built on the brain of a Chief Revenue Officer and Chief Marketing Officer framework. Businesses who leverage AVA utilize her speed and science to accomplish numerous tasks that otherwise expensive human labor would need to solve. By leveraging the artificial intelligence of AVA, and letting her do the heavy lifting, she can use machine learning and data science to help you build a marketing strategy that gives you the edge to get to the top of your chosen market with extreme velocity. That is why we call her AVA – “V”.

AVA rides on top of the Savavo platforms and she assists in the usage of each of those platforms which include:

  • [Le] – Learn

    • Learn includes 80 videos that teach sales and marketing science top to bottom

  • [Pn] –  Plan

    • Plan includes a wizard-based, codified framework that walks through complete plan creation

  • [Mg] – Manage

    • Manage is a management interface derived from the plan and optional management services

  • [Ex] –  Execute

    • Execute includes a marketplace of over 300 vetted executors ready to take on any project

  • [Me] –  Measure

    • Measure includes real-time analytics to track your online and offline campaigns

AVA utilizes the best marketing plan builder tool on the market and adds an unprecedented level of science to that process.  AVA also utilizes the only complete online and offline analytics dashboard and is uniquely the first and only marketing and sales platform that allows you to connect your strategy to your management to your execution to your analytics – the full process.  This closes the loop from your strategy to your performance metrics and increases your ROI, through intelligent optimization, fueled by AVA.



AVA Adds Everything You Want


AVA’s artificial intelligence [AI] layer makes everything you are doing better, faster and cheaper.  Whether it’s a DIY project, a high ticket service you’ve purchased or anything in between, adding AVA’s intelligence, gets you customers faster and cheaper.  Add AVA and add what you want more of.








Adding AVA to your team makes your team better, faster and gets things done cheaper.


AVA Adds Everything.  Add AVA.


See what adding AVA to your team can do by learning about her at our workshop at:

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