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The 1-Hour-a-Week Marketing Director

May 17, 2017

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We believe that marketing is a science, and science increases efficiency. Releasing the energy in gasoline converts it into mechanical energy, which makes our cars run and lets us cover longer distances faster. Pump technology draws water from the ground so we can access water directly from our homes and facilities. Our lives benefit from scientific advancements. So if marketing is a science, shouldn’t marketing also be efficient, constantly evolving, and benefiting our businesses?

Traditionally, most businesses have hired agencies to develop, manage, and implement their marketing plans. Unfortunately for many, the results are substandard and for the most part, unmeasurable; in fact, over 80% of executives are dissatisfied with their ability to measure marketing ROI. Do you know if your marketing campaigns are producing a positive ROI? And is your strategist an expert executor or vice versa?

Just as science has evolved, so has marketing. Traditional agencies are no longer the solution. A reliable marketing infrastructure made up of three key players (introduced below) has allowed businesses in over 200 industries to grow predictably and profitably, in some cases doubling their sales. Implementing this same infrastructure in your business can allow you to experience similar results.

The Strategist

The main job of the Strategist is to ensure that the marketing strategy is dialed in, accessible, and easily digestible for the marketing department. Following a time-tested and proven planning process, the Strategist is able to develop marketing plans on a per-audience basis. Using analytics and other hard data, he/she plans goals, sets objectives, and establishes KPIs that lead to actionable and measurable marketing initiatives, while holding the correct individual accountable. This planning process takes out the guesswork of marketing. The Strategist should spend no more than one hour per week meeting with his/her marketing manager, and should have minimal contact with executors.

The Manager

The Manager takes the strategy and runs with it. He/she works in the trenches alongside the Executor to properly expedite and implement the marketing campaigns and strategy. He/she acts as a middleman, passing along ideas and insights to the Strategist that come about as he/she and the Executor implement the strategy (but never develops or comes up with the strategy).

The Executor

The Executor–the expert–works under the direction of the Manager to carry out the strategy. Because he/she engineers the details of the execution of the campaign, his/her acumen and skills must be top-notch–so much so that he/she should be vetted and able to prove his/her capabilities. He/she is focused on results and through the Manager offers suggestions to the Strategist to better enhance the results. Ultimately, the Executor is responsible for the output of the marketing campaigns and strategy.

The Results

If the marketing infrastructure is solid, then everything in the marketing department should be running well.  The Strategist, acting in his role as Marketing Director, has a meeting with the Manager once week for one hour. They review the Strategist’s goals, objectives, and KPIs and see that they are being achieved. They use those KPIs to check the marketing campaign’s effectiveness.  And based on the results, the Strategist makes decisions to tweak and improve the strategy, are then implemented. It’s that simple.

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