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Who Cares About Call Tracking? You Should

Apr 22, 2017

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Earlier on our blog, we discussed the importance of marketing analytics and how that can shape the marketing success for your business. But how does call tracking fit into all of that? Who really cares about call tracking in marketing analytics, anyway? You should. As small of a detail as it may be, call tracking can define strong aspects of your marketing while closing the book on marketing attempts that are not delivering. Your top goal in marketing is usually to increase ROI, and call tracking in marketing analytics can do just that.

What is call tracking?

Call tracking is something that often goes unnoticed but can carry a lot of weight for your marketing. In call tracking, you can use unique phone numbers for different marketing channels and advertisements to be able to measure how leads are coming to your business. By using call tracking software, rather than using one number everywhere, you are able to specifically see which numbers are being used, and thus see which channels or advertisements appeal to your customer. For example, if you have the same number everywhere, even with pay-per-click measurements, you won’t always have accurate measurements. If someone sees your number in an organic search without clicking on your link, you might incorrectly think that the call came from that billboard displaying your phone number (when in fact it is the other way around).

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How can call tracking help?

As said before, call tracking can help to accurately measure which channels and advertisements are bringing in leads. This can improve pay-per-click campaigns as well as advertising campaigns. If you assign each channel as well as each advertisement itself a unique tracking number, you can tell specifically what draws your customer’s attention and where they successfully engage with it. Call tracking can also bridge the gap between online and offline marketing so you can see how newspaper, billboard, out-of-home, etc. advertising performs compared to digital marketing. And if you see that billboard marketing is producing no leads? You can then save your money and put it towards a more successful marketing channel.

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Another benefit to call tracking is that it opens your vision to viewing the entire customer lifecycle rather than just the first or last advertisement they click before conversion. You are able to measure touch points where they originally engage with the brand as well as see which media channel eventually leads them to call and convert to your business. Rather than acting solely by one incomplete measurement, you can combine many aspects of marketing analytics to create a well-established marketing plan.

To learn more about the benefits of call tracking, Forbes discusses the importance of real-time data in marketing.

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Do you want to see your marketing succeed?

Call tracking can make that possible. You can discover where it is already successful as well as where it is offering little return on investment, and then reinvest the money used on that media channel in a marketing channel that is profitable. Marketing analytics shapes your future marketing success, and call tracking can help to define the steps to get there. With Savavo, you can build a marketing plan that helps you to get ahead of the competition.

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