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The Marketing Plan Puzzle

Apr 8, 2017

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“If my product is good enough, marketing is not that important.”

This is a myth that drives business owners to neglect marketing. However, that could be the fatal flaw that leads to business failure. Effective marketing is what brings about company growth, and without a marketing plan, growth is stunted. Rather than seeing a marketing plan as an unsolvable mystery, approach your marketing plan as a logical puzzle to be correctly assembled into a successful whole.

Know your people.

This is the vital first step on every marketing plan template and in every marketing plan software program. If you do not first know who you are targeting, marketing cannot be successful. You don’t want to be marketing to the wrong group. Also, when you haven’t identified a target market, sometimes it makes the marketing plan too broad and thus ineffective. Make sure that as you construct your marketing plan, it is done in the correct order, knowing your target market first and foremost.

Treat marketing as science.

Your market plan doesn’t have to be a mystery. Savavo CEO Gaydon Leavitt repeatedly encourages business owners to approach marketing as a science rather than purely as an art. When your marketing plan is viewed as a product of pure creativity, marketing becomes vague and unclear. A marketing plan, particularly when guided by effective marketing plan software, should provide clear-cut steps to accomplishing your marketing goals.

If you’re not a marketing guru, that’s okay.

Don’t hesitate to use useful tools. A marketing plan template can offer a guideline of where you want your marketing to go while providing more security that you have addressed all aspects of the marketing process. Even more effective is working through a marketing plan software like Savavo, where they can provide you with a step-by-step marketing plan template, introduce you to a network of vendors for marketing execution, and train you to be more capable in marketing. Marketing plan softwares and templates are especially helpful for those who are not familiar with the marketing side of the business.

Make a plan that fits your budget.

This key factor also implies that you do not neglect your marketing budget in order to use that money elsewhere. Allow for money to be reserved for your marketing budget, but plan for your marketing budget and general marketing plan to be malleable. Marketing approaches may change, and your marketing budget will change with it. Also, approach your marketing budget as an investment rather than just as an expense. When planned effectively, your marketing ROI will be greater than your original investment.

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Planning is not the end.

Making your marketing plan is just the beginning of your marketing process. Having this marketing plan prepares you to approach vendors with specific requests as well as understand the results you get and why you got them. Marketing analytics is a useful tool to be used throughout the action process so you can recognize how your target market is responding to different aspects of your marketing plan. Then, you can reshape your plan accordingly. Marketing can then be a science with a dash of creativity, rather than ambiguous art with a hint of logic.

Rather than feeling overwhelmed, a marketing plan can provide a stable foundation on which to build your business. For reference, Cengage Learning provides a marketing plan example to demonstrate the preparation a marketing plan can offer. Take control of your business’s future by taking control of your marketing. With Savavo, you can produce a clear marketing plan to get you where you want to go.

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