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The Vision of Savavo: A Message from the CEO

Oct 31, 2016

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For the last ten years I’ve been doing marketing strategy for big and small companies. In the process of doing marketing strategy for these companies, I also had a digital agency on the side – I was sort of part of the digital agency movement. I started the agency in 2006, before social media was as big as it is today. The combination of having a marketing agency and helping businesses with their marketing strategy enabled me to learn exactly what is wrong with the marketing community and what is wrong with agency models, the number one problem being over emphasis on creativity.

Agencies are completely creative. Creativity is only a small percentage of the marketing process. Marketing, as a process, is actually a science, not an art. So, it’s important that the artistic element is there, but it needs to be put in it’s place.

Have you ever asked yourself, why does growing my business seem so challenging? Why do the marketing people seem so unaccountable? Why can’t I get hard answers on ROI?

I decided to create what I thought the perfect world would look like if I was approaching business from a marketing perspective. I came up with the following Savavo™ model compromised of four pillars:

  1. Learn
  2. Certify
  3. Apply
  4. Execute

I thought: If I could teach marketing at scale, that would solve a huge problem because marketing is this ambiguous thing that not many people understand.

If I could certify that knowledge internally or externally so that people knew the person they were working with or were hiring, that would solve a huge problem.

If I could certify that the person applying their knowledge knew what they were doing and had a frame work for building a strategy and a plan, that would be huge.

If I was able to build a frame work for a marketing strategy or plan, I could institutionalize marketing planning. Right now, there is no framework. It’s a guessing game. People do what they used to do. They do what they did at their last company. Part of the apply module was the institutionalization of how to approach marketing from a strategy perspective.

I found that marketing became fragmented around 2008 when Facebook and other social sites started surfacing. In today’s marketing environment you need niche executors. You need someone who is expert on a very specific topic. If I need a logo, I want the best logo guy in the world. If I need a Youtube presence I want the best Youtube guy in the world. So, over the last ten years I’ve curated this network of niche marketing professionals and executors.

This whole system of Learn, Certify, Apply, and Execute is now the software platform, Savavo™. It is a low subscription model that provides additional coaching services to help you and your business. This software can completely replace the antiquated agency model of marketing with a proven scientific approach to grow your company.

Case Study:

I have bank as a client that does 70 mil on the top line that decided to explore the scientific approach to marketing that I created. What they found was 1) internally the cohesion wasn’t there, 2) the people that worked in the marketing department were not all up to speed, 3) everyone felt they were not collaborating together and on the same page, 4) and the CMO felt like they didn’t have a plan that everyone could rally around and execute together. And, on top of that, they felt like they didn’t know how to vet marketing providers.

Have YOU ever felt that way? Have you ever wondered how to know whether a person is actually good at what they claim to do? So, the bank joined the Savavo™ software platform and now they have a full, enterprise solution, they have support, they have coaching, but more importantly they have access to executors around the world who are the best of breed providers at what they do. And, that’s what Savavo™ is.

– G

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