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Knowing Your Target Audience

Oct 24, 2016

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In order to market effectively, you need to know who you’re marketing to. You wouldn’t try to to sell a bathing suit to someone living in Antarctica, right?

To make sure you’re targeting the right group, you have to ask yourself a few questions to create the ideal customer, such as:

•How old is my ideal audience?

•Where do they live?

•Are they majority female or male?

•Where do they spend their time consuming media?

•What are some behavioral traits?
Let’s try an example

Say I own an organic beverage shop in Chicago. How old is my ideal audience? Let’s see, they’re probably health conscious, and have a bit of disposable income since my beverages are higher end and a little bit expensive. I’m located in a commercial part of town, full of 9-5 business men and women. To be safe, I’ll put my ideal audience at ages 22-50.

Where do they live? Since my shop is in Chicago, my audience needs to be in Chicago to! I’m likely not going to put up a billboard in Las Vegas.

Are they majority male or female? According to research, women are more likely to buy organic food and since my shop is an organic beverage shop, I will likely seek more female customers.

Where do they spend their time consuming media? I’ll refer to studies to see where women spend their time consuming different types of media. Social media tends to be a cheaper route when it comes to marketing, so I’ll probably start there.

What are some behavioral traits? The ideal consumer is probably health conscious, probably buys organic food, likes to exercises, and enjoys self care. It’s also important to understand their buying habits which are sometimes dictated by their outward behaviors.

Answering these questions will serve as a simple guide on how to begin marketing however, while these are educated assumptions, I need to look a little deeper to be sure. I can reference similar business’ marketing tactics and continue to research my target audience.

The more you can define your target audience, the better success you’ll see because you won’t waste precious $$$ on marketing efforts that get to the wrong people.


According to Silver Egg Media, understanding your target audience is important for the following four reasons:

1. You can solve their problems: Once you identify why your audience is coming to your website, you can make some really good choices. You can decide what categories you’re going to talk about and what information you’re going to include. You can create and make a list of resources to give to them. You can do everything possible to thoroughly solve their problem, each time they visit your site.

2. It’s the key to effectiveness: “…understand them as real people, get to know them, find out what they like and where they go when they’re online. And that, dear readers, is the key to effectiveness.”

3. It enables you to define your value proposition:Your value proposition can be seen to define what your business does, uniquely. If you find this difficult to do, it means you don’t understand your audience. Because when you do understand them, it’s easy. You know what you want; therefore you can package it to them. And what you give to them depends on what they want.”

4. You’ll see results faster:If you create content based around their assumptions, your audience will become lost. They’ll be alienated and forget to visit your site…The more you appeal to your audience, the more it will grow.

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