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5 Marketing Podcasts You Need to Listen To

Oct 18, 2016

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Here’s a list of consistently helpful marketing podcasts that people love to listen to, and a small bio that explains what they’re about! Whether it be inspiration or specific tips these podcasts have you covered.

1. Six Pixels of Separation

Mitch Joel, the president of Mirum “brings you digital marketing and media hacking insights and provocations from his always on/always connected world.

2. SEO 101

SEO 101 is Search Engine Optimization from the very beginning. SEO 101 will teach you SEO from Square one. Hosts Ross Dunn and John Carcutt give out helpful information for the beginners without overwhelming you with technical details.

3. Entrepreneur on Fire

“EntrepreneurOnFire is an award winning Podcast where John Lee Dumas chats with today’s most inspiring Entrepreneurs 7-days a week.”

4. Marketing over Coffee

Marketing Over Coffee is audio on demand that covers both classic and new marketing. Your hosts, John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn, record the show in a local coffee shop every week and publish the show on Thursday mornings. You can download the shows and listen to them whenever you want – in your office, on your commute, where and whenever is convenient for you. Each show is about 20 minutes long and is filled with the kinds of marketing tips and tricks that you can only get from casual conversation outside of the office.

5. The Bean Cast

“The BeanCast™ is a weekly round table podcast, featuring notables from the marketing, advertising, interactive and public relations community. We discuss the latest industry news with a healthy dose of perspective.”

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