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6 Easy Ways to Improve SEO

Oct 12, 2016

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Improving SEO sounds daunting, but it’s actually something you can do quite easily! In this article we’ll tell you about some simple and easy ways to step up your SEO game so that you’ll be easier to find for those searching for your business or services!

1. Create relevant content.

Having relevant content for your visitors is of the utmost importance. Google gave a helpful hint saying, “Make pages primarily for users, not search engines,” by creating “a useful, information-rich website, and write pages that clearly and accurately describe your content.”

Here are some ideas of good content:

• Blog writing

• Videos

• Guest posts

• Interviews

• Infographics

2. Make content readable.

Making your content and website readable is absolutely crucial. Make sure the formatting of your posts if friendly to the eye. People like things that are easy to read! Keep things skimmable by highlighting or bolding important phrases, and use lists, bullet points and headers! It will be hard to attract viewers if content is too dense.

3. Use keywords.

When adding keywords to a blog post or to your website pages, make sure to choose words that are related to your post! If you’re writing a recipe about an organic, vegan dish, you might consider words such as: vegan, baker, organic, farm to table, cook, vegan eating, clean eating, vegetarian, etc. Make sure you also include words that someone searching for what you posted would naturally write! This means putting yourself in the mindset of the person searching. What would they type into Google? This will help you choose relevant keywords that are likely to be used in a search.

4. Be sure to link.

Linking to related websites or content can make your website more credible. If you want people to link to your site or a particular post, consider reaching out and asking someone in your sphere to see if they’d be willing to share your content! By building relationships and creating a network, you will have an invaluable resource to go to when you want your content to gain a higher reach!

5. Connect your site to your social media.

Being active on social media can improve your SEO! Search engines, especially Google, can tell when you and visitors share social media content. Make sure your site has easy to find icons that link to your social media profiles and pages, that way visitors know where to find you!

Now that you have these helpful tips at your disposal, get going!

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