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Tips on Using Facebook for Your Business

Sep 8, 2016

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If you’re wondering whether or not to use Facebook for your business, you should stop wondering and just do it already. There are more than 1.17 Billion Facebook users throughout the world which means Facebook is your V.I.P. pass to literally millions upon millions of potential customers. If that doesn’t convince you, over 40% of marketers say Facebook is “crucial or important to their business”. And, if you need one more nudge, over 1 billion of those Facebook users are active on their mobile devices meaning you have the potential to market to people while they’re on the go.

Now that we’ve made it this far, here are some tips on how to use Facebook for your business:

Have a professional business page.

This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people make mistakes on their business page. One of the biggest “Do’s” is filling out your “about” section. Make sure people have the resources they need to get in contact with your business like a phone number, website, address, hours of operation and so on. The more complete the information is, the more legitimate you’ll look.

Another important tip is choosing a recognizable profile picture, like a logo, so people know who you are! Save the cover photo for something eye-catching that is still related to your business. Check out this example of a good profile and cover photo.

Vary the content you share.

Content is King! Think of what you like to see on your Facebook Timeline. You probably enjoy pictures, right? And posts that are engaging, funny, or relatable? Most people like those kinds of posts too and so will your audience. While no one can tell you exactly what to post, try changing up the content you share to see what sort of things people respond well to and try doing so with the mindset of the consumer. Not only will this help you learn what works and what doesn’t, but it will also help your page look professional and keep your audience from getting bored. Click here for post ideas.

Spend a little cash.

If you want to be successful on Facebook, you need to be willing to throw a few bucks to the big man. Find a budget that works for you and start testing different types of content and target audiences to see what gets the most engagement. Also, BOOST YOUR POSTS. This will give you a better idea of what people like to see, will help you tailor your audience, and teach you where to put your money. Plus, studies show that Facebook is actually your cheapest marketing option. Just take a look at what experts at Moz wrote.

Use the resources Facebook has for you. 

Don’t even know where to start? That’s okay! Facebook has helpful lessons to walk you through why you should pay for ads and post-boosts, as well as how to navigate Facebook Business manager and more. Just go to Facebook Blueprint to get started.

Facebook also gives you the ability to schedules posts and ads, so don’t worry about needing to monitor your page 24/7!

Not every negative comment is bad.

It’s our initial reaction to cringe and rush to delete a negative comment on one of our posts. Stop for a second. That person’s comment, while it may be negative, may be helpful. Negative or controversial comments can spark discussion which means more engagement on your post! The more engagement, the more Facebook will pump out your posts to people’s Timelines. So, if it’s inappropriate, sure delete the comment. But, if it’s someone saying they disagree, see where it goes.

If the comment is a complaint or a poor reflection on your business, be as professional as possible.

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