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10 Ways to Thrive on Social Media

Jun 1, 2016

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How many social media accounts does your business have? One? Two? Five? It isn’t uncommon for companies to have upwards of five or six social media accounts. But is it really that number that matters? The answer is no. What is important is that you use your social media accounts efficiently and know how to get your audience involved. If you can do that, then having one social media account can be just as good, if not better, than having six. Here are 10 tips you can follow to make your social media presence effective.

1. Check Analytics 

Social media analytics are great for so many different reasons, and they offer so many tools to social media managers. These tools include being able to find out the time of day most of your followers are on social media, if you have had more followers in the past week, or if engagement has gone up, and that’s just to name a few! Analytics can help you make more informed decisions about how and when to post.

2. Link back

When you post to social media, sometimes include links back to your website, Whether it be a link to your homepage, or a link to a post on your blog, it’s great. It will provide a way for your audience to learn more about your business and it can be a good way to up the traffic on your website.

3. Organization is important

When a business has multiple social media accounts, it can be hard to keep track of them all. Social media managing tools like Hootsuite can be great because they round up all of your social media accounts in one place. Hootsuite, and similar services, allow you to schedule posts ahead of time so that you can get organized and ahead of schedule (Not to mention, you don’t have to be in the office when your post goes live). Another key to social media organization is having a social media content calendar to track when and what you are going to post.

4. Ask Questions

If you ask your audience a question, then they are more likely to like/comment/share/retweet your post! On social media, people like to have their opinions heard. If you ask them a question like, “what is your favorite food?”, then a lot of people are likely to respond back and interact with your other followers. This alone can increase customer engagement by a lot.

5. Get Involved

Isn’t regularly posting to social media enough? No, it’s not! Getting involved goes beyond posting. It means getting involved in the conversations your followers are having, answering questions, and responding to comments. Think of social media as a way to connect with your customers at a much more personal level.

6. Stay on top of trends

Find the trending hashtags, viral videos, and top conversations on social media; use those to your advantage. If you can stay current and use that to connect with your audience, you will be a step ahead of your competitor. Keeping up on the trends isn’t enough, incorporate the trends into what you post. If your content can be considered “trending” then you will get a lot more shares and traffic.

7. Post often, but not too often

We all know that guy. He is constantly posting to social media to the point that you want to unfollow him. Don’t be that guy. There’s a fine line between posting regularly and being annoying. A good range to stay in is three to five posts per week per social account. Post enough so that they won’t forget you, but not enough that they unfollow you.

8. Don’t ignore the comments

Reading the comments on social media is a great way to know your audience a little more. You can find their concerns, what they like about your business, and any inquiries they may have. Take the time to respond, and remember, even if the comments are more on the negative side, they will give you a chance to improve!

9. Don’t make every post be about your product or service

Social media isn’t meant to be your main form of advertising. Instead, it’s meant to connect you with your audience! Of course, social media is a great way to advertise, but don’t constantly post pictures of your product or links to where to make an appointment with your office. That can get annoying, and the customer will think you’re only there for your own gain. Make social media all about the customer.

10. You don’t treat all your audiences the same, why would you treat your social media accounts any differently?

Last off, one of the most important points to consider is that not all social media accounts should be treated the same. You can’t write the same posts for all of your accounts and call it good. Different social media platforms attract different users. You often have to treat each of your social media accounts as different audiences. For example, Facebook may attract more moms, while Snapchat may attract more teens. Find out where your different customers are and customize your posts to fit them accordingly.

Social media is an amazing tool to connect businesses with their customers. Make the most of it and follow these tips. Follow this link for more ways you can use social media to your advantage.

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