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6 Creative Marketing Techniques

Apr 7, 2016

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Get business moving with these simple yet effective marketing techniques:

1. Weekly hashtags

 #ThrowbackThursday. Participating in community trends is a good way to make your business relevant and attractive. Posting regularly on social media gives you a consistent voice and puts you out there.

2. Vines 

“Back at it again with the white vans!” Vines are six second looping video clips. It’s amazing how much content you can show in six seconds; some people do it really well. Not only is it a creative way to advertise, its cost effective as well.

3. Photo Contests

Photo contests are fun and easy for people to enter as almost everyone walks around with a camera in their pocket. They drive traffic for your sponsors and product. It’s a great way to get your brand out there with user generated content combined with user interaction.

4. Caption Contests

Caption contests are a great way to bring your social community together. It drives creativity, discussion, and ultimately is a fun little distraction to drive traffic to your social media outlets.

5. Podcasts

These sound so last decade but believe it or not, podcasts are still popular. People enjoy listening to on demand content while on the move. Interviews and hot news related to your brand can be very beneficial. Just remember to make it fun!

6. Memes

Memes are free and easy to make. Just search “meme generator” on google. Besides that, they’re fun to read, make people laugh, and can go viral. Don’t underestimate the power of a good meme! At Savavo we understand marketing to its core and have developed a strong relationship with marketing vendors within every industry. We assess the marketing needs of your small company, draw up a marketing plan and strategy, and then pull from our vast network of vendors to see who and what best fit your company’s’ marketing needs. We then implement the plan and allow the marketing solutions to take place. This way your small business gets the marketing it needs without you having to pull from several places. Savavo is, and always will be, your one-stop marketing company.

For more information please contact us or visit our testimonial page to see what other small businesses are saying about us.


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