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Bad Habits in Marketing

Mar 28, 2016

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Relying Heavily on the Social Media Bandwagon

“Everyone is doing it so we should as well!” Before you jump feet first into a marketing project, know your own limitations. The social media marketing bandwagon is rolling strong and almost all big companies participate in social media. The sad part is that some of these marketers have no clue what they’re doing in social media, how to manage it properly, and drive business profit. Other avenues of marketing (print, billboard, tv, radio, etc) are still very effective depending on your USP (unique selling proposition) and end goal. Measure time vs. profit ratio of your marketing tasks. This will provide valuable insight on where to increase and decrease certain marketing methods.

Not Fully Listening

Do you really feel loved when an advertisement from a billion dollar company says they care about you? Those promises are easy on the ears but often aren’t proven. The internet offers a more personalized and intimate connection to customers but not always. It’s easy to like a Facebook page  or follow a twitter account and feel more connected with a business but that relationship is often stagnant. Seventy percent of questions from Facebook fans go unanswered. Forty-two percent of consumers who leave a complaint on social channels expect a response within one hour and don’t receive it. If you’re going to go to the trouble to make social media accounts, then go to be social. Be prepared and capably staffed to interact in a timely manner. That will go a long way.

Intentional Scarcity

“HURRY! LIMITED TIME ONLY!” We all know that the scarcity and demand raises prices. Most people believe things are higher value if they are rare and hard to find. Think Furby, Beanie Babies, and the Nintendo Wii. Purposely manufacturing false scarcity can possibly do more damage to your brand than any number of sales can help make up for. The internet has makes this tactic even more prominent because scarcity gets more clicks. Focusing on temporary sales boosts can lead a company into falsely believing that scarcity is more powerful than it actually is. People aren’t dumb. The scarcity tactic becomes visible, obvious, and even expected. The threat of loss becomes constant and loses its effect; your influential power is diminished.

Set It and Forget It

Automation is a wonderful, time-saving thing but it can damage your brand. Make sure that all content you have auto-scheduled is carefully reviewed prior to going live. You’ll want to avoid mismanaging your brand’s voice with poorly timed tweets or posts. Many big name brands have paid the price for cringe-worthy posts, so don’t take the risk in going full-auto on social media.

Measuring Success on Vanity Metrics

Many brand managers focus on social metrics; “likes”, tweets, and page views. Instead they should focus on how those specific metrics affect the stages of the consumer journey. Effective digital measurement considers how your brand’s content, along with experiences with that content, are influencing others. Look for opportunities to learn from and engage with customers in a creative and friendly way. If the executive summaries from your agency are only showing the top vanity metrics, ask that the individuals dive deeper by mapping out the impact that specific content is having on a your brand’s objectives. Bruce Lee says NO to bad marketing At Savavo we understand marketing to its core and have developed a strong relationship with marketing vendors within every industry. We assess the marketing needs of your small company, draw up a marketing plan and strategy, and then pull from our vast network of vendors to see who and what best fit your company’s’ marketing needs. We then implement the plan and allow the marketing solutions to take place. This way your small business gets the marketing it needs without you having to pull from several places. Savavo is, and always will be, your one-stop marketing company.

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