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Intriguing Marketing Facts

Mar 17, 2016

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In marketing, people are always looking for where they can get their foot in the door of innovation. To be able to have an advantage in marketing, small businesses need to know the tips and tricks that may have been missed by other marketers. To be able to make your marketing most effective, to make your marketing stand out, you have to get the know-how to get there.
So, are you looking for some cool and important facts for your marketing plan? We’ve got some facts that might surprise you and could give you a nice edge when making your marketing decisions.

Did you know that:

  • Blogs influence purchase decisions 63% more than magazines.
  •  Including images on your article can get you 94% more views.
  •  Videos on landing pages increases customer conversion by 86%.
  •  Viewers retain 58% of what they see but only 10% of what they read.
  • Average buyer consults 11 consumer reviews on the path to purchase.
  • 91% of adults frequently use social media.
  • Gaining customer loyalty can sometimes be worth up to 10 times what a single purchase can provide.

Crazy, right? Not to us!

At Savavo we understand marketing to its core and have developed a strong relationship with marketing vendors within every industry. We assess the marketing needs of your small company, draw up a marketing plan and strategy, and then pull from our vast network of vendors to see who and what best fit your company’s’ marketing needs. We then implement the plan and allow the marketing solutions to take place. This way your small business gets the marketing it needs without you having to pull from several places. Savavo is, and always will be, your one-stop marketing company.

Our purposes at Savavo are simple:

Vision Statement: Turn marketing into a science and change the way the businesses view marketing, as a science that can be mastered.

Why Statement: Prevent businesses from spending money on under-performing marketing practices.

Here at Savavo, we can deliver the following guarantees:

  1. GROW Guarantee. If you don’t grow your business within the first year of working with us, our service is free until you do. Learn More…
  2. KNOW Guarantee. If you don’t know more about marketing, where you are going, what’s working, and what your path to marketing success is, our service is free until you do.Learn More…

For more information please contact us or visit our testimonial page to see what other small businesses are saying about us.

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