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Classic Marketing Techniques

Mar 2, 2016

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When deciding how to effectively market a product, it’s a good idea to think outside of the traditional marketing box. Letting creativity flow in your work is obviously important. However, is it possible to think too far outside of the box? Maybe the proverbial “box” is actually a circle or a rectangle, it’s up to your creativity. Before jumping too far ahead in your marketing endeavors be sure to start off with the basics.

Define Your Target Market  

Defining your target market is the starting point for your business. Look closely at the product or service you are providing and think about the kind of person who would seek such service. Targeting the correct target market not only gives customers what they want, but helps your business grow. Consider asking existing customers about why they chose you as their business partner. Take those answers and form a stronger strategy.

Participate in Promotions

Promotional gifts may seem intimidating because of the up front costs and slow return but they can be a quintessential technique for customer acquisition. Offering B1G1 deals and giving out trials or samples are good examples of promotions that can help spark a flame in your kindling business. Promotions aren’t only fun for the customer but they leave a lasting impression as well. “A tiny investment in a promotional gift can literally buy you years of attention from some clients.” – Gareth Parking (GoPromotional)

Encourage Word of Mouth

The truth is, people trust their family and friends over an amazing advertiser and complete stranger. Encourage and reward your customers for inviting and telling their friends about the business you run. Incorporating a referral program in your business with incentives and prizes is a great way to not only motivate customers to action but to acquire new customers over time.

Strengthen Customer Loyalty

Some may think that all the work is done once a new customer is sold on your service. After all the effort and money spent on acquiring these new customers, spend a little extra time on making sure your customers stick around. Offering loyalty programs and unique deals for both longtime and new customers can be a great start. A customer feedback survey can let them know that you care about serving them properly. Keeping your customers happy may seem like a chore, but it’s necessary to stay afloat in the business world.     

Track Potential Leads

Tracking leads is an important mainly because it can lead to customer acquisition. If someone visits your website, calls your number, or views your advertisement, how are you supposed to know? Google analytics is a good start for analyzing and tracking website traffic. When using promotional codes, make sure that you use unique codes on your various advertising vehicles (billboard, print, radio, tv, etc.). That way you know which code corresponds to which media vehicle. You can also use traceable 1-800 numbers if you have a lot of leads calling your company.

At Savavo we understand marketing to its core and have developed a strong relationship with marketing vendors within every industry. We assess the marketing needs of your small company, draw up a marketing plan and strategy, and then pull from our vast network of vendors to see who and what best fit your company’s’ marketing needs. We then implement the plan and allow the marketing solutions to take place. This way your small business gets the marketing it needs without you having to pull from several places. Savavo is, and always will be, your one-stop marketing company.

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