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How to do Marketing as a Startup

Feb 29, 2016

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In the beginning years of a business, it is important to get a strong base of clients, customers, or users who enjoy your products and will keep coming back. The hard part isn’t retaining those people often times, rather, the hard part is getting them to buy your service or good initially. Savavo focuses on helping your business to implement strategies that will make you successful, that’s why we have this quick list for things you need to remember when planning your start up strategy.

Identify Your Target Audience

This is obvious for most people. In the beginning stages of planning a business, that is one of the key elements. But, realize that the general public may not see things as you do or understand the usefulness of your product like you do. In a guide by, they mention that people don’t like to change, so start ups need to focus on the “early adopters” as they called them. These are the people who are innovators and interested in the new technology or new ways to do things that might help them improve their lives. If you can first get these folks to jump on board, then you will be in a good position to make your next move. So try and find these people and look to market to specific niche audiences before you move towards a general public audience.

Be Creative and Innovative with Your Messages

Creatively telling your story will always be an important part of any company’s marketing strategy, especially start-ups. With all of the “noise” that exists on the internet and all of the messages that are trying to be conveyed, people have grown accustomed to tuning these messages out. That’s why if you can get your message out in an interesting way, you will be in a great position. Check out this article from that talks about how a CEO boosted his company’s sales by 600% because of the way he presented his product.

Get Feedback on Your Products or Services

By getting as much feedback from your early customers and clients, you will be able to improve your goods and services so that future buyers will be more likely to have a better experience. This will help you to get natural referrals and build your clientele or customer base. The process of improving your product can be time consuming, but is a very important one to implement early on in your business.

Work to Improve the Message’s Content

This has to do with our second point, but even if you have an interesting way to say something, but you have nothing good to say, then it won’t matter how you say it. Make sense? People are really good at seeing through bad content displayed in great ways. Make sure that you have an important message to go along with that awesome way of delivering the message.

These are just a few of many different things that will help your business to improve its marketing in these beginning stages. We know that startups can be extremely difficult to successfully do, but by listening and improving your message it will help your odds of being successful improve dramatically.

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