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The Best Tips for Small Business Marketing

Feb 5, 2016

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When you’re looking to create a marketing strategy for your small business, you want to focus on tactics that are low cost while still being highly effective. Here are some of the best tactics out there for accomplishing this:

Don’t use big business tactics

You need to own your status as a small business and realize that big business tactics most likely won’t work for you. The goal of most big business advertising campaigns is to create brand awareness and generate future sales. For small businesses, you want your advertising to generate immediate sales. A good way of doing that is to include promotional offers in all of your advertisements. When doing so, you’ll also want to make sure that you’ve made it easy for customers to respond to the promotion. For example, making a coupon mobile friendly rather than requiring them to print it off.

Offer a little bit of customization

As a small business it can be difficult to create a completely customizable product to please a wide variety of customers. Instead, consider offering both a cheaper and premium version of your product. A less expensive option will help attract customers who shy away from your product not because of a lack of interest but because of the price tag. And offering a premium package will appeal to customers on the other end of the spectrum who are looking for a higher quality service and have the money to pay for it. You can go premium by combining services into a new, more expensive package or by creating a product with more capabilities.

Go small

Consider trimming down the size of your ads so that you can run more for the same cost. If you’re looking to increase your customer base your ads will be more beneficial if they reach more people. People often times don’t even need or want lots of information. By cutting down the size of your ads you may get more people to stop and hear your message.

Try something new

Set yourself apart from your competitors by trying unusual marketing methods that they might be overlooking. By testing the boundaries and trying new things you might discover better, more profitable ways of gaining customers and generating sales while differentiating yourself from competitors at the same time.

Join forces with other businesses

It can be easy to focus solely on what your competitors are doing, but if you look around for non-competing businesses that serve the same customer base as you, you might find allies. You can work together with these other businesses to put together joint promotions. The benefit of such cross-promoting is that you can gain a lot of sales for a low cost.

Enlist the help of your customers

Take full advantage of all that your existing customers can do for you. You’ve already won their business, so put some effort into gaining more of their business. It’s easier to sell to existing customers that already know and like your company than it is to convert new customers. But you can also enlist your customers’ help with that as well. Encourage them to create good publicity for your business by providing incentives for them to talk about your brand with their friends. Their endorsement may be the strongest and cheapest form of advertising you can do.

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