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5 Questions To Help With Your Marketing Execution

Jan 4, 2016

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As the year comes to a close, you are naturally going to look back and evaluate all of your efforts towards growing your company to see what worked and what didn’t. Well, as you look to set some New Year resolutions for this year’s growth plan, here are some questions you should ask when creating your marketing plan.

1. Do I have a STRATEGY?

Do you have a strategy? Seems like a pretty simple question, right? You may be thinking “Of course I have a strategy. Sell more product and make more money.” One aspect of the marketing plans affects the other areas. Thus making it vital that you have a clear cut plan and strategy. Our consumer driven market is moving faster than ever and this requires that you have a strategy for more than one pivot in your business. George William Curtis once said, “It is not the ship so much as the skillful sailing that assures the prosperous voyage.”

2. What is my IDENTITY?

I’m pretty confident that when someone mentions the two words “Red” and “Bull” together, your first thought isn’t of a bull that is painted red. Not only has Redbull worked hard to create that brand but the identity that goes along with it is dialed in. It’s important that your identity properly represents the core and authenticity of your company. But do you have the tools to measure what that identity is? Who right now is converting on your page? Where are you getting your largest ROI from?

3. Is my MEDIA giving the right message?

Do your mediums communicate the right message, to the right audiences, in the right channels and build credibility with all of them? There are so many different platforms that serve too many different audiences. One post that was created for Facebook might not fit the same need for Instagram or a blog post. This is a very complex manner as there are so many different platforms to reach your consumers with. If the above questions are answered properly, it will be easy to be fluid, yet consistent with all your media.

4. Where are my LEADS coming from?

Are you found in the channels and places that your best customers are found, whether online, offline or in live settings? Is your company reaching the clients that you know are going to spend money to get your services/products? This is such an important aspect of this 5 questions series for your execution. A lot of people are happy if money is being handed over to their hands. But is this the right client that is going to serve your company with benefits of continuous business? Give referrals? Upgrade when the time is right? Make sure that you are optimizing your execution to ensure this part of your marketing plan is fulfilled.

5. Is my SOFTWARE properly measuring?

How and who manages your marketing? What tools do they use and how do you measure your marketing to ensure proper attribution, conversion, and return on investment? It is so easy to use so many different platforms, but are you able to measure them all on one measuring tool? Our personal favorite is Setrics. We may be a little bias with this software, but only because we haven’t found anything better. This lets us measure all our execution on every marketing effort we put forth and compare it side by side to know what is working and what is stuck in the mud.

At Savavo we take great pride as a marketing company that has made it our priority to help your company grow and profit. Savavo is not just your average marketing company that helps you market, we help you manage as well. We help you own your marketing.

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