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The solution to your small business marketing

Dec 2, 2015

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Everyone knows what marketing is, but can they keep up with how it changes? The marketing world has been changing constantly, especially with the world moving to a digitized platform. As marketing starts to spread across multiple channels, keeping track of and being able to merge marketing executions has become harder than ever. It also is more important than ever. How can you know that you’re up to date with it all? At Savavo we have a system that not only allows your company to keep up, but ensures that you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself. Marketing will always be the effort of promoting a product or service to a particular demographic, but the method of doing it is constantly changing every year. The changing landscape of marketing forces companies to try to follow consumer behavior patterns both on and offline. But this comes with a myriad of market research, targeting, SEO, billboard advertisements, social media, PPC, re-targeting, etc. Small businesses can’t always afford the time and/or money required to keep up with these marketing trends and they tend to suffer because of it. At a time where it is more important than ever for small businesses to be making big strides in their marketing, small businesses need a resource that can help them to take the steps necessary to achieve success. However, marketing companies are responsible to keep up with these trends and know how to execute on all of the practices. Great. But another problem facing small businesses is that there are several marketing companies that specialize in one practice or the other; forcing the company to pay out to several different vendors at different times for different things. This problem is only increased if the company doesn’t have a marketing background and doesn’t understand the complexities of what they’re buying. This in turn will cause them to spend unnecessary money on marketing practices that they might not understand. Wouldn’t it be great to go to have just one company that could answer all these problems for you? This is where innovation comes in, and more specifically the innovation of Savavo. At Savavo we understand marketing to its core and have developed strong relationships with marketing vendors in every industry. We assess the marketing needs of your small company, draw up a marketing plan and strategy, and then pull from our vast network of vendors to see who and what best fit your companies’ marketing needs. We then implement the plan and allow the marketing solutions to take place. This way your small business gets the marketing it needs without you having to pull from several places.

What To Know about Savavo:

Our Purpose

  • Vision Statement: Turn marketing into a science and change the way the businesses view marketing, as a science that can be mastered.
  • Why Statement: Prevent businesses from spending money on under-performing marketing practices.

Our Mission:

  • Make marketing the most valuable, profitable and important part of our client’s business.
  • Be catalysts in building the world’s most scientific and highest performing marketing models, methods, and tools.
Savavo is, and always will be, your one-stop marketing company. For more information please contact us here or visit our testimonial page to see what other small businesses are saying about us.

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